Survival Poncho


  • Compact and Light
  • Easy to Store in a Survival Kit
  • Universal Size Fits Most Adults

Product Description

The Survival Poncho is ideal for disaster preparedness and can also be used when traveling or enjoying the outdoors. Each poncho is waterproof and will protect you from the rain, keeping your clothes dry. The Emergency Poncho is perfect for survival kits or for keeping in your car’s glove box while traveling.

Weighing less than 0.1lbs and measuring roughly 5″ x 2.5″ when folded, the Emergency Poncho can fit almost anywhere. They can be reused multiple times as needed, and ship in a compact resealable plastic bag. Each poncho also includes a hood to protect your head from the rain.

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  • Dimensions: One Size Fits All
  • Weight: 0.1lbs