Emergency Water

When it comes to survival, there is nothing more important than water. While a person can go weeks without food, a few days without water can leave you dehydrated and prove to be fatal. Aside from keeping your body hydrated, water is also crucial for maintaining your personal hygiene, cooking meals and many other tasks. Because water plays such a big role in survival, it can be one of the most important aspects of preparedness.

Drinking Water Pouches

When talking about survival kits, drinking water pouches are among the most common forms available. They will come in pouches of 4 fluid ounces, and are easy to store. Depending on the manufacturer, their shelf life will almost always be 5-years. This means they can be stored for years on end before having to be replaced.

Emergency water pouches are ready to drink right out of the pouch, making them extremely convenient when faced with a survival situation. They are even more useful for scenarios where you will not have any natural source of water, such as a river or stream. This makes them the #1 choice for disaster preparedness.


Water Purification Tablets

Water purification tablets are small pill-like tabs that are placed in water to remove harmful chemicals and contaminants. They are generally made from chlorine dioxide and have a shelf life of 5-years. These types of supplies are ideal for wilderness survival or other scenarios where you may have access to a water source.

Water Filters

Water filters are similar to purification tablets in that they require that you have access to a water source. They are also ideal for wilderness survival, as well as hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. Water filtration devices are usually portable in nature, coming in compact sizes and are available at most outdoor gear stores.

Choosing the Right Type of Water Supplies

When you begin to prepare for a natural disaster or survival scenario, it is key that you first understand the conditions you are likely to face as well as the environment you will be surviving in. If you are preparing for being in the wilderness, any one of these options should suit your needs.

If you are preparing for surviving after a natural disaster, you will want to keep in mind that running water might be unavailable. For this reason, drinking water pouches are likely going to be your best bet. If you live in a rural area and have access to ponds, streams or rivers, you may want to also consider adding water filters or purification tablets to your emergency kit.

Water Inside of Our Survival Kits

Inside of each LRI Survival Kit, you’ll find drinking water pouches. Each of the pouches we use contain roughly 4 oz of clean, filtered water. They are lightweight, and can be kept on hand for 5-years past the manufacturing date. Once 5 years has passed, the pouches can be replaced for just a few dollars. Aside from hydrating yourself, they can also be used for preparing meals, brushing your teeth or washing yourself.