Wholesale Survival Supplies

Welcome to, your online destination for dropshipping survival kits, emergency supplies, outdoor gear and so much more! Our wholesale program is straightforward and easy to join; simply sign up for an account. Once you are approved, you will have direct access to our wholesale pricing. We offer a wide range of unique products that are proven to sell, and have high margins for our resellers. Our dropship program enables you to start selling survival supplies at no risk and ship orders directly to your customers.


Dropship & Wholesale Survival Program

One of the unique advantages to our wholesale program is that you are able to ship products directly to your customers. We do not include any of our company information inside your packages, and you can even send us your contact information including your logo, phone number and email for personalized packaging.

We strive to offer a wholesale program that is diverse and includes a unique range of products, from survival kits to warmth supplies, emergency shelter, fire starting tools, knives and a variety of outdoor gear. You can sign up for our wholesale program at any time on the sign up page or by getting in touch with us. Our only requirement is that you have a website or physical storefront.

Once you are approved for the program, our wholesale pricing will be listed for each product, enabling you to place orders directly on our website; much like you would at any other eCommerce store. If you are shipping orders directly to your customers, we even offer blind dropshipping with customized packing slips to meet your needs. A few benefits to the LRI Survival wholesale program include:

  • Quick Turnarounds (24-72 Hour Shipping)
  • High Profit Margins for Resellers
  • Low Risk – No Need to Stock Products
  • Convenient Online Ordering
  • No Minimum Order Size
  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $49.99

Wholesale Survival Kits

Our wholesale survival kits are available for 1 person, 2 people, 4 people and 10 people. All of our kits include at least 72 hours worth of supplies as recommended by the Red Cross. We offer Ultimate, Essential and Vital kits to appeal to a wide range of buyers. Most of our survival kits are packaged in durable backpacks and the supplies are placed inside of water-resistant bags.

What differentiates our products from many other survival kits that are available today is found in their contents. While many survival kits include food bars with a 5-year shelf life, our full range of Ultimate and Essential kits include non-GMO meals with a 25 year shelf life. These foods include gourmet freeze-dried meals like pasta primavera, granola, oatmeal and more.

Wholesale Survival Gear

We offer one of the largest selections of wholesale survival gear, including complete kits, warmth & shelter supplies, tools, portable water filters and much more. Our gear is priced to provide you with the opportunity to make high profit margins, generally 30% or more. Our fulfillment process is constantly improving and we are able to dropship orders within 72 hours, or ship bulk orders directly to your store.

We pride ourselves as being a top wholesaler of survival gear and strive to provide you with a streamlined and easy to use system.

Pricing & Product Information

At LRI Survival, we manufacture our own line of survival kits, while also offering a wide range of survival gear and emergency supplies. We strive to provide our resellers with personal service as well as the most competitive prices in the industry. We offer blind dropshipping, and you can even send us custom packing slips or promotional flyers to include in each package at no additional cost.

If you are seeking a large amount of kits or supplies, feel free to get in touch with us for a custom price quote. Aside from the survival kits we offer, we are also able to make customized survival kits for our clients upon request. If you want to learn more about our custom kits, or are interested in ordering in bulk, feel free to get in touch with us.


Types of Survival Kits Offered

While looking over our product offering, you’ll notice we have a large selection of survival kits. Each kit is slightly different from the next. They are available based on the number of people they’re intended for, and are generally applied to the disaster preparedness niche. Many of our survival kits include supplies for 72 hours as recommended by the Red Cross. Our kits are, however, extremely versatile and can be used for virtually any emergency scenario.

Some of our products even include additional supplies above and beyond 72 hours. For example, we offer 7 day and two week kits. Aside from standard survival kits, we also make gluten-free kits. Our selection includes everything from 1-person, 2-person, 4-person and 10-person kits to ensure we meet the needs of everyone.

Uses of Our Products

Our survival kits and emergency supplies are tailored towards natural disaster preparedness, but can also be used for various other applications. Because many organizations recommend having enough supplies on hand to get through the first 72 hours of a disaster, many of our kits use this as a starting point.

Our survival gear has many applications as well, and can be used for preparedness, hiking, camping, backpacking, hunting, mountain biking and many other outdoor activities. Whether you are looking for kits that appeal to earthquake, hurricane, tornado or flood preparedness, we have something for you.