Getting Started at LRI Survival

To get started, you’ll first need to register for an account. Once you create an account, we will then review your information and send you a confirmation email within 24 hours (generally within less than one our). Once you are approved for the LRI Survival Wholesale Program, the first step to selling will be to get our products listed on your website. You will probably want start off with our top 10 products which we outline here. These products are proven to sell, and are our most popular based on sales volume.

Survival Gear Images, Pricing & Information

When you begin to sell our products, we provide you with all of the tools, resources and information needed to start getting them listed on your website. To list our products, you can first download their corresponding images. You should also make sure you include what is inside of each kit. This information is available on each product page of our website or on the product images page.

Once you have the images and information added, be sure to list the products at their MSRP price to ensure you are staying competitive with other resellers. This information is provided within your welcome letter, or can be found on our site above the “Wholesale Price” that is listed for each product.

Start Accepting Orders!

Once our products are successfully listed on your website, you can now start taking orders! As you will see, many of our products provide you with the opportunity to make between 25% and 40%. We are constantly striving to get this number above 30% and any costs we are able to decrease will be passed directly to our resellers. Before placing your first order at LRI Survival, be sure to also review our How to Place an Order article for information on putting in your first order.